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Sunday, April 10, 2011

{Made} Birth Announcement

We spent all weekend up the the High Desert of Cali- and boy did we have fun visiting all our friends but I am so happy to be back home!

My SIL recently had a baby (I had two pregnant sister in laws while I was prego and one had her precious baby and the other is due any day now).  My SIL asked if I could help design her birth announcement and of course I agreed!  She found this one at tiny prints.  Here's the one that I designed for her:

We sent the design to costco and got 50 prints and envelopes for less than $20.00 including tax.  What other store can you do that at?!?!?  Hope you liked it and Tuesday I have a SURPRISE so I hope you come back!!

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  1. Cute!!! Congrats to Aimee and Bobby.

  2. I just did my graduation announcements at Costco--saved me a mint, I love printing things there! :)Great work--and may I say, that is such a beautiful baby! <3

    I am your newest follower and would love you to follow me as well! :)


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