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Friday, March 25, 2011

{Updates} Surgery and a GIVEAWAY!

So here is a little Praise the Lord report: After three more follow ups that I asked for (because my gut was just telling me the D and C was not necessary) the doctors that I was referred to from the midwives are NOT suggesting to move ahead with the surgery- everything has cleared itself up and there are no clinical signs pointing to needing the procedure.  I couldn't be happier but am so thankful for the lessons the Lord taught me through this ordeal.  Maybe sooner than later I will post them because they are so simple yet I needed to learn them...and I'm all about transparency and honestly as we enter relationships with others.

Other news, I'm having a crafting day with my wonderful SIL's today and will be wrapping up the item for the FIRST giveaway on this blog!!! I will do the giveaway as soon as we hit 25 followers, so if you know of anyone you think would like this blog pass my name along! 

***Since I am starting a {Spotlight Saturday}, if you pass my name along this week (ending April 1st, 2011) to three or more people and they become followers (they must leave a comment saying you sent them and are new followers) I will feature you in your own post on your own Sat!!!***

Check back tomorrow for our first {Spotlight} Saturday with my dear, dear friend!!!

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  1. Yay!!! Friend. I can't wait to se what you and the gals make. I will send you my post tonight. It is almost complete, and so is your feature.