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Thursday, April 14, 2011

{Recreate} His and Her Mugs

While I was blog surfing the other week, I came across these super cute mugs over at Our Seven Dwarfs.

Image from Our Seven Dwarfs
I have a friend who is getting married in May, and I also get to be in the wedding (which reminds me I need to pick up the dress)-- mommy brain moment-- and she is in love with mustaches.  I followed the instructions that the gals over at OSD layed out but I just cute the vinyl with scissors since I don't have a shilloute machine.  Here's how mine turned out (excuse the pics, my DSLR was out of battery juice and I was wrapping them so I took the pics with my point and shoot):
For him

For her
She loved them at the bridal shower!  Thanks to Our Seven Dwarfs for the tutorial!

Vinyl Questions for everyone: Does anyone know of a permanent vinyl that works well with the cricut machine?  The vinyl I used is non-permanent, so it can peel off but I don't know where to get any other kind.


  1. very cute.
    i wish i had a cricut!

  2. Thanks so much for featuring our mugs! I really appreciate it. Another option that I just learned of is Gloss enamel paint. You could use your vinyl to have the stencil and then paint the mustache,lips, and mr and mrs using the enamel. You set the enamel by baking it. This allows it to be dishwasher safe. If you still want a more permanent vinyl, I would check out: http://expressionsvinyl.com/

    Thanks again!

    ~Jill of oursevendwarfs.com

  3. Way cute!!! I love the mustache on Laura's mug!!! My mom has done the enamel paint tip from above on several things, including tiles in the guest shower that she had David paint. If it has lasted in the shower for the past nine years, I am sure that it will do wonderfully on mugs.